About Drenafkat

A raw, uncut + unfiltered blog dedicated to the life, style and design of a creative hustler — re-est 2018

Meet Kat

a black [female] Creative

I'm Kat, a Vegas-based graphic designer, brand developer and a la my day job, a digital strategist/inbound marketing expert. 

DrenaFtKat is a raw, uncut and unfiltered creative space where I share my creative endeavors, unsolicited opinions, tiny bits of my life happenings from style and food recipes to interior design, and provide inspiration through words and visual design.

I believe in breaking the rules when it comes to design and creativity. My motto: Forget a trend. Do your own thing. 

Though I have a B.S. in Psychology and a M.S. in Marketing, my passion is design. I love vibrant minimalism, black + white, and a clean aesthetic

what's in a name?

Drena is the second half of my birth name ShaDrena. Kat is the second half of my nickname. Some folks know me by my gov't while others know me as Kat. One person, two names with slightly different personalities. Hence Drena featuring Kat.