Ordinary Love Shit

My path for tomorrow is relaxing at full throttle
Born to be a leader but a tough act to follow
Bet on me at all costs in spite of my cash
So if I can’t afford the Waldorf, I can afford to fall off
Stories over greatness, no stopping my zone
I’m bumping "Roman’s Revenge," but I’m plotting my own
Like a prophecy in case niggas haven’t learned not to bother me
'Fore you send your shots, just check my return policy
Could do without the leeches, shoes without the creases
Miami Heat hater but I do the South Beaches
For any drama I be calling up monsters
I ain't Gilbert I never met a Wall I can’t conquer
Ruger aimed if I’m who you try and belittle
I learned it’s hard to get justice when you try and be civil
Whatever the future holds I can live with the day
Some niggas will sell their soul but some will give it away
And that’s the devil in disguise they window of opportunity is minimized