Welcome 2018: Goodbye 2017, Plus an Ode to 2016


Welcome 2018! Yeah, I know I'm late a hell. Here’s to chapter 28 (4 months in) of mon vie. After a less than stellar twenty-seventeen, I'm looking forward to this next chapter of life. All will be known (and announced) in due time.

A Brief Reflection on 2017

2017 was literally blah. It was a year of stressfully going through the motions as I questioned where I was headed in life and my career. The year was full of exhaustion and half-assing; I wasn't half-assing, but that's sure as heck what it felt like. I was unmotivated, my creativity was shot, and I was uncertain about a lot of shit. Just thinking about it makes my nerves bad.


A Quick Shoutout to 2016

Now 2016... one of the best years of my adult life. Let me explain:

  • I landed a job I absolutely love in February 2016; my first real job to be exact. The exact job I prayed for and continuously wrote down for over a year.
  • I graduated with my master's in marketing May 2016.
  • I moved into my first apartment in June of 2016 with zero help.

Three pivotal moments that altered the tailend of my 20's. Three moments that helped establish one of my mottos, "I'm just getting started."

Of Course, This is Only the Beginning

Ups and downs, highs and lows. I continue to thank God and trust the process he's taking me through. An unmatched faith, I have.

Stay tuned.